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Attendance Architect

Attendance management and Access Control System


CV Management System for HR Consultants


Advanced Library Management Software. Uses advanced technologies to speedup library processes and make them secure. Recognizes members using their thumb impression.


A Specialized Estimation program to process all day to day data at a Glass Showrooms and Shops in a very user friendly way.


A Multilingual software for Subscription Management of magazines or periodicals.

IVR (Gold / Lite)

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System that can be used as an independent program or as an Add On tool. It supports dynamic reprogramming of user input and responses as per requirement. It can be linked with your existing business process system to provide IVR facility without replacing your existing infrastructure.


A Complete Dry Cleaning Process Automization System, suitable for domestic and Industrial requirements


Small Multi Level Marketing Software for FMCG products


User friendly Multiuser Accounting Management Software.

Robo Recharge

Milansoft Robo Recharge Supporting multiport gsm and cdma modems. Ready to use solution for recharging All GSM and CDMA operators SIM. Also recharges all DTH services available in India. Supporting both CDMA and GSM based recharging. Also supports SMS based recharging and Menu based (STK) recharging. Menu based recharging also known as Sim Tool Kit (STK) recharging.


StoneMate is a software for Stone Exporters. It manages all documentation related to exporting Building Stones and Tiles. It manages everything right from taking orders till realization of payments, or even further, It generates various reports to analyze the Export Performance with Integrated support for multiple companies.


It accelerates the process of filing the TAX returns of multiple companies. Ideal for TAX Consultants and CAs who provide outsourcing services of TAX return. The Software tries to reduce time of feeding employees data. It learns and reprogram itself automaticall, to provide a platform to enter data in minimum possible keystroks.

Virtual Email Gateway

VEG is an Advanced Email Transport System. Basic goal behind development of VEG was to provide general purpose mechanism to achive some advance functionalities, that are not there in other generilized email transport systems. There are a lot of email solutions available in the market today, to choose from, but there are certain features that keeps VEG far ahead of its other entrants.


A User-friendly Stores Management Software. Provision to manage Central Store as well as departmental stores in a Client Server environment with Inventory Management System.


Address Book Management software with outbound dialing support.


A magical tool that can be used to automate many day to day works easy. It can change clipboard contents as per your requirements. See details page to understand some real usage of this small utility.


A utility program to try ad-hoc SQL queries and view their result for Microsoft Access databases. It can export database schema, compare two databases for schema changes, view all table data without typing sql queries.

Domain Magic

Domain Magic is a tool that lets you access your computer remotelly over a dynamic IP address, it lets you control your computer by providing full access to your pc from any location on the globe.


A small utility program to provide phonetic keyboard support to type data in any language. Good for people who wanted to type data in non english language and dont know the key maps of that language.


A multithreaded port scanner.

QuickCalc (ANOVA)

Software to calculate Analysis of Variance using F-distribution table and t-distribution table. ANOVA is a general technique that can be used to test the hypothesis that the means among two or more groups are equal, under the assumption that the sampled populations are normally distributed.


SmartDB for Sqlite 3.x provides msado like interface for programs wanted to use sqlite database. You can start using sqlite in your programs in just 3 lines of code. SmartDB has been downloaded more then 1200 times in just 5 months from sourceforge.


Small utility to view each and every data transfering between two application through TCP channels. An example could be a web browser and a web server


A small system information gathering program. It is in beta stage right now and detects MAC Addresses of all network cards available in the system and copies them to clipboard.


A small task bar management software. It hides or unhides all the applications with a single click.


Virtual Assistant is a Microsoft Agent based application. It assists you like a real assistant in your office or home. VAssist can read text or emails for you, remind you for your appointments and also birthdays or anniversaries, VAssist can also wake you up in the morning or at any time you want.

Web Config

Web Configuration Utility from Milansoft. You can use this tool to create your own DNS Server locally. This is required when for some reason your actual DNS server is not working. this may also be useful for developers for temporarily redirecting a particular domain name to some other server. Some Antivirus or anti spyware program may detect this process as harmful for your computer, but dont worry if you open default windows hosts file and edit it in notepad then also your antivirus or anti spyware program will warn you.

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Advanced Library Management Software

Advanced Library Management Software. Uses advanced technologies to speedup library processes and make them secure. Recognizes members using their thumb impression.
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