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  Advanced Library Management Software - DELTA  Advanced Library Management Software

Advanced Library Management Software DELTA

Advanced Library Management Software. Uses advanced technologies to speedup library processes and make them secure. Recognizes members using their thumb impression.
‘Delta’ is an advanced Library Management Software. Delta has all the features that a
Library Management System should have but it also includes some advanced features that
accelerate the various processes in the library, making it different from other Library
Management Systems. It makes use of the barcode technology to speedup the processes.
Barcodes are the codes provided on the books or the journals, which can be read using the
Barcode Reader. By using this technique we don’t need to remember codes and type them
manually or select them from a long list displayed on screen. We can simply move the printed
barcode in front of a barcode scanner, or alternatively we can move the handheld barcode
scanner in front of a printed barcode object (Member Card, Books, Journals or even a command
list). You can visualize how fast you can process the data by using this technology. Like, to
issue say 5 books to a library member you need to first scan the member’s bar code (from
his/her card), then without delay you can scan all the 5 books one by one within 3 to 4 seconds
on your first day of training. This means you can actually select a member from say 10,000
members and also selected 5 different books from say a list of 40,000 books in just 3 to 4

Advanced Features
Zero key operation – The process of issue and return of books can be executed without
pressing even a single key on the keyboard. This lets us process most common processes in the
library 10 times faster, or even more, in the same time as compared to a conventional keyboard
input method.

Online Access – Delta software can be integrated with your college Intranet or even Internet
server to provide secure remote access to library resources. Members can see if a particular
book is available in the library at this moment and how many books are issued to their account
with last book return date or may be the fine in case of late return.

Member Card Generation – The library cards for its members are generated by the software
itself, and that too can be customized to suit your organization’s own requirements. Like cards
can be printed in different colors to represent Students, Staff or Management members with
your organization’s logo and even a watermark image in the background. Cards can be printed
on single side or both sides of sheet.

Free format search – The search facility in Delta lets you search Members, Books or Journals
from one place and that too by any possible key like full or partial member name, registration
number, book title, author, accession number, publisher, journal title, subject and more

Personal Customizations – Although Delta is a general purpose Library Management
Software, but we provide customization of the software for your very own requirements. So you
don’t have to compromise your specific requirements, in case you have any.

Live Alerts – Delta can show alerts for various events that require user to take some action.
Like, it can show alert for a particular journal not being received on its expected date of
arriving. So you can make sure you don’t miss any of your journals or periodicals

Biometric Integration – A biometric fingerprint recognition technique is under development
and will be available soon to recognize the members automatically. On implementation the
Library members need not to carry their cards while using the library. This technique may be
used to replace member cards with member’s thumb impression.

Data Import Facility – If you are previously using any other library software and want to
switch to our more advanced software Delta, we may provide data import facility also.
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